Thinktank Science Museum, Birmingham

Thinktank Science Museum in Birmingham is a science museum. It is a modern outlook of Birmingham’s science and industry initiated in the mid of 1900s. This thinktank science museum was started in 2001, and now it is attached to the Birmingham trust museum. Previously, Thinktank Science Museum is known as ‘Thinktank’ only. Here, all youngsters and adults get a chance to know about the past, present, and future scientific inventions.


Thinktank Science Museum is one of Birmingham’s award-winning museums.

Initial collections: it had only a selection of arms and weapons in the museum. Over time, thinktank science museum started including cars, steam engines, locomotives, trams, medical tools, aircraft along with other machines. 

Modern technologies: It also exhibits robots, machines of wrapping chocolates, musical instruments, and other technologies of recent times. The museum contains approximately 40,000 items of science and industries and about 250,000 collections of natural sciences.

Thinktank Science Museum Address

  • How to get there: Thinktank Science Museum in Birmingham is situated at Millennium Point, Curzon Street Birmingham, B4 7XG, in the United Kingdom.
  • Contact number: Further, you can contact them on +44 121 348 8000.

What’s Happening

The thinktank science museum in Birmingham, entertains its audience by arranging different events. The special events at thinktank science museum are; ‘Smethwick Engine Street Day,’ ‘Spooky Science Nights,’ ‘Silent Noize- the Silent Disco,’ and Mini Christmas as well. All these events are not only for entertaining the audience but also to enhance the knowledge. Moreover, these events give a practical experience about gadgets and technology of old times and the modern era. 

Tickets & Special Offers

  • Thinktank science museum facilitates its visitors by offering them to buy tickets online and at the museum’s door.
  • Prices for different age groups: It has maintained different prices of tickets for visitors of different age groups. Such as the museum has categorized it as children (below three years age), children (between the age of 3 to 15). For adults, it starts from the age of 16 to 64, whereas senior citizens are treated under the head of 65 years.
  • Special discount offers: specials price concessions for handicaps and students are also available. Indeed, the prices of tickets are comparatively low for online buyers.
  • ThinkTank Vouchers: Thinktank Science Museum offers different vouchers and recommends multiple visits. It provides exceptional deals for birthday parties; kids meetups and Halloweens, etc. Additionally, it introduces coupons for saving, along with also giving them memberships offers. Moreover, it also has maintained packages for day outs entertainments and other travelling projects. Besides, it provides discount offers for various packages and brands, as well as for edibles too. All this makes adventures in the science museum exciting and happening also for children and adults.

Parking Facilities (including free parking)

In the thinktank science museum, special attention is given to the museum’s parking area. So that the visitors can enjoy all facilities. Therefore, they are providing special call services for parking. Hence, multiple stories of the parking lot are available for car parking and bike racks in Millennium Point. Here, the city council also cooperates to resolve the mobility issues of visitors.

They facilitate blue badge holders with free parking. All this makes it feasible for families to visit the museum while avoiding hustle.

MiniBrum Thinktank

This is a gallery of the mini world in the thinktank science museum that is mainly designed for the children.MiniBrumis like a small Birmingham where all the locations like canals, parks, coffee shops, health centers, etc. are formulated as a fun zone for the kids. In the minibrum zones, children act like in charge and enjoy while having great fun. It also provides them with chances to learn more and explore the world. As, minibrum gallery is specifically established by the collective efforts of schools, families, and community groups. So, children can understand science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with real-life experiences.

MiniBrum Thinktank – Birmingham Museums

ThinkThank Spooky Science

Spooky science in thinktank is part of their events. Spooky night event is an opportunity for visitors, especially children, to know more about horrifying technological creatures, like monsters. In the same way, the museum is transformed into a spooky party night where all participate like crazy scientists and wizards wearing fancy dresses to enjoy the happening of spooky activities.

ThinkTank Spooky Science


The thinktank science museum in Birmingham is a place of fun and knowledge where all find things about their interests. Most people say that they get an opportunity to become familiar with the scientific inventions of past and present, and information about the future. Further, people find the thinktank museum’s food is so tasty and delicious that it energizes the children more. 

Moreover, the museum receives most of the reviews about thinktank’s outside fun area. Therefore, it is a fascinating place for children due to scientific creatures. Hence, people give it abut 4 to 5 stars ratings.

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