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Top 10 Universities in Birmingham for international student

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Birmingham is known as the hub of international students after London. Students from more than 120 countries choose the universities of Birmingham for higher education as it is the home of some of the best universities in the world according to QS World University Ranking. You can literary found the international students in this beautiful city from any part of the world. Students from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Turkey can be found in most of the universities in the city.

The most popular universities in Birmingham are the University of Birmingham, Newman University Birmingham, Aston University, University College Birmingham, and Birmingham City University. The city is also home to these five universities who are now affiliated with universities of different countries as well. The other major campuses of UK’s popular universities BPP University, University of Law, and Open University can be also found here. After London, this city hosts the most research and full-time students for many years. The reason behind such a big number of international students is the popularity of the local universities in this city.

Quick Facts About the Birmingham:

  • QS Ranking: There are two universities of Birmingham which made in the list of best universities of the world rank by QS
  • Highly Ranked University: The most ranged and popular university of the city is the University of Birmingham which was established in 1900
  • Tuition Fee: Average tuition fee for international students by the different universities of Birmingham is about $23,000
  • Desirability Rank: At the number of quality of education, it is ranked at number 53 in the world and 2nd with in the UK by international students
  • Affordability: According to the latest number, it is one of the most affordable cities for the students to finance their higher education
  • Number of Courses: The universities in the Birmingham city offer more than 100 courses for Bachelor and Master Students in different fields
  • Living Expenses: For international students, the living expenses are quite lower if compared with London city in the UK

Tuition fees for international students

One of the reasons which make Birmingham popular about international students are the affordable and low tuition fee. If we compare the university fee with the universities of London, it is relatively low. Even the highest-ranked university of the city has almost a similar fee if compare with the other universities.

To give you some idea about the tuition fees of the universities in Birmingham let us share with you the fee structure of the top five popular universities:

  • The University of Birmingham (Bachelor £17,000 Master: £19,000)
  • Aston University (Bachelor: £15,000, Master: £14,000)
  • Birmingham City University (Bachelor: £10,000 Master: £11,000)
  • University College of Birmingham (Bachelor: £20,000 Master: £11,000)
  • Newman University Birmingham (Bachelor: £20,000 Master: £20,000)
  • Ulster University Birmingham (Masters £10500)
  • University of Law Birmingham Campus (fees start from £9000)
  • BPP University Birmingham Campus (Fees start from £13000)
  • Coventry University (Fees Start from £12000)
  • The University of Wolverhampton (Fees start from £11500)

These are per year and an average fee of their Bachelor and Master courses. The fee may vary from course to course.

Admission guide for international students

There are several steps that involve getting admission in the universities of Birmingham. We can help you to go through these steps easily as we have a team of professionals who are assisting international students at every stage of the admission. We typically help in the following steps:

  • We help in choosing a university
  • Selecting the right academic program
  • Preparing application documents
  • Sending an application to the university
  • Submit documents for scholarship
  • We assist international students for a Student visa.

We can help you further in other processes to make your admission to the universities of Birmingham easily. Please contact University Admission Center UK

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