Why Study in Birmingham?

Top Reasons Why You Might Consider Study in Birmingham

Birmingham is the second-largest city of the UK and has international students from all around the world. According to the latest figures, students from 120 countries are currently studying at different universities in Birmingham. So, what makes this city a good choice for international students to get continue their studies; whether under graduation degree or post-graduation degree?

The UK is an ideal country for international students to get a visa, admission to a low tuition fee university, get a part-time job, and bear their daily expenses. Many students still failed to make a choice when it’s come to decide that which city of the UK will be best for them in term of all these expenses if they want to save more money and enjoy more economic and employment benefits. We suggest Birmingham to international students.

Why? Let’s take a look below where we have discussed different benefits of choosing as this beautiful city for students.

Employment opportunities for students

Birmingham is one of the few cities in the world which has a very high percentage of employment among students. According to the latest figures, 75% of students who graduated from Birmingham universities end up in employment or chose to study further within six months of their graduation. This is a high rate even if it has been compared with London. This helps international students to get settled in the UK after getting their dream job in Birmingham.

Employment Opportunities for Graduates of Birmingham Univeristies

Universities with renowned research work

The universities of Birmingham are among those few universities in the world whose research work has been appreciated worldwide and had a major impact on the field of life. The universities receive 5 and 4 stars because of their high quality by the Research Excellence Framework. This gives a positive impact on the society and economy of the city and also the UK. For students who want to get their name to be remembered for centuries by performing research work, this is a perfect city for them to get higher educations. The students of Birmingham universities have received dozens of Nobel Prizes in the global challenges which helped to transform the world in a better way.

Highly ranked universities of the world

Not all but many universities of Birmingham come under the list of world highest universities in the world. If you check the QS World University Rankings of the universities, you will found the name of many universities from this city. For example, the University of Birmingham has been ranked under the top 100 world best universities recently. The alumni are serving in different fields of life, not just in the UK but in their home countries too. Studying from a well-ranked university always helps to land a dream job.

QS World University Rankings

Birmingham universities with lower tuition fees

For international students, the tuition fee is considered not less than an investment for the future. It makes a lump sum amount and takes many years for some international students to arrange such a big amount to get their education in the UK. Birmingham has a good opportunity for students who are facing financial crises, looking for low tuition fee universities and scholarship opportunities to pay their university fees. As compared to other cities, the fee for international students is low. With a low tuition fee, you are not going to compromise with the standard education. You can still study in some of the best universities in the world.

An affordable density for international students

After university fees, living expenses are the next significant expenses which international students have to face. Thankfully, as compare to other cities of the UK, this city has low living expenses. For example, you can get a room for rent as low as £300 per month. If you found a shared place, the cost will go further low. Same as that, the travel passes in Birmingham are about 130% cheaper than London city. With the diversity of the culture, you can also find your home country products and cook your food to save further cash.

A room rent as low as £300 per month.

A city full of multi-culture and lively lifestyle

After London, Birmingham is the second-largest city in the UK. It is lively and one of the most diverse cities in the country. More than 20% population of the city is consists of the overseas citizen in which there is a significant number of the people came here on a student visa to complete their education. The international community of Birmingham means you will feel here as home and enjoy the wide variety of cultures, events, food, and festivals throughout the year.

Ideal location to enjoy the beauty of the UK and Europe

Birmingham is located in the middle of the UK, that’s why it is also called the Midlands. It offers a great connection to the rest of the country. Due to its location, you can explore the rest of the UK easily as its nearest cities are Oxford, Liverpool, London, and Manchester. The countryside of the UK is beauty and you will have access to them easily due to the location of Birmingham.

Other things which make this city a great choice

If we start talking about this city, there are so many things to discuss here but we consider mentioning only those which are more important for the international students. So in this section, we will list other reasons to study in Birmingham:

  • Beautiful green spaces: Many people don’t know, but this city has more tree than any other city in Europe
  • Enjoy different sports: It is the first city of the UK who win the title of National City of Sports and have a long history of footballs, cricket, golf, and tennis
  • Enjoy delicious food: Because it is a multi-cultural city, it allows you to enjoy the food of different nationalities and cultures at one place

We hope that this information will help you to decide why you should choose Birmingham to study. If you are looking for further help like finding a university or help regarding IELTS and Student Visa, get in touch with us.

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